Get to know our Secrets

At Santorini Secret Suites & Spa our aim is to create the perfect environment in which to live the ultimate Santorini experience. It is about making a dream feel like a reality. It is about the sublime sensation that is cultivated by gazing into the deep blue vastness of the Aegean, making you a part of something perennial, something eternal, in a place touched by the heavens. It is about the emotions that flood your soul when you witness the world-famous sunset change the sky-canvas in just a few minutes, from a glorious blue to a magnificent, textural rainbow of different hues. It is about the invincible feeling of sharing such unique beauty with your loved ones as you make plans for the future or just revel in the power of a comfortable and comforting silence.

Our primary aim is for our guests to experience such exceptional and unique feelings, and then to enjoy the comforts of our luxury accommodation and services. Wanting to give our guests even more choice of surroundings, Santorini Secret Premium Suites and Secret Legend Suites were built, not far from our main property. Let us introduce them to you, with a short overview of each.

Santorini Secret Premium, Maisonette

Santorini Secret Premium Suites
Welcome to a premium piece of Santorinian paradise. A suite complex of 5 exquisite suites that exudes a luxurious sense of serenity for guests to indulge in. Boho-chic stylistics are fused together with classically Cycladic architecture with an earthy colour palette to contrast the stark white, creating a soothing ambiance instantly. High grade materials, clever design and tasteful touches of decor create an elegant holiday habitat for guests to feel at home in. A temporary home with Caldera visuals to last a lifetime.

Secret Legend Suites
Welcome to a place that is part secret, part legend. The youngest of our …secrets, this 7 suite boutique complex is built on a hill with cascading views onto the seafront of the Caldera. With a distinct minimalist character and a less is more attitude in design, these suites consist of all the secret ingredients for a phenomenal holiday. Interwoven into the typical Cycladic architectural style are natural elements of stone, wood and granite that create a warm ambiance in a setting of absolute elegance.

Tramonto Secret Villas
The latest addition to the Secret Hotels family, Tramonto Secret Villas, are tucked away in one of Oia’s quieter quarters, offering guests a place to call their retreat. The newly reconstructed villa complex has an inherent historical element as it used to be a captain’s mansion, originally. Deluxe design meets clever architectural layout and staying at the Tramonto Secret Villas will fill your days with peaceful panoramas and your nights with sublime, serene moments.

Tramonto Secret Villas, Santorini

Shared services:
All Secret Hotels are located in close proximity to one another by foot in Santorini’s most charming location, Oia, and share a plethora of services offered to all of our guests. Here below you will find the major facilities shared by all Secret guests, both of which located in the Santorini Secret Suites & Spa property.

Harmonia Spa in Santorini provides guests with a variety of therapies aimed at making guests feel radiant and relaxed. A range of massages, scrubs, body and face treatments promote health and beauty at skin level as well as beneath the surface. They can be done in our spa facility or in the privacy of your villa or suite, while both couples and men treatments are available using products of the high quality brand Apivita, made of natural ingredients.

Black Rock Restaurant in Santorini takes gourmands on a Greek culinary journey through time. Our awarded restaurant serves creative, playful dishes that fuse traditional Greek recipes with a modern twist, also fusing flavours from around the world. The result will enthuse even the most demanding of taste palates while the jaw-dropping setting is positively seductive. Here, guests can indulge more than one of their senses.

Black Rock Restaurant, Santorini Secret Suites & Spa