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Where the present merges with the past in complete harmony, while also leading the way to the future. Colors, rocks, people and produce; everything has been shaped by the timeless influence of the Caldera. And this is what makes Santorini magical.

All but one of our hotels are located in Santorini’s most sought-after location in Oia. Santorini Secret Suites & Spa, Santorini Secret Premium, Santorini Legend Suites are all found within Oia’s embrace.

Nuzzled in the dramatic landscape in the colourful village of Oia, our hotels boast unrivaled views of either the volcano, the Caldera and the glistening Aegean blue.

Our latest addition Secret View Hotel occupies a fantastic spot in Foinikia, right next to Oia, for a more secluded stay experience and direct sunset views.

Oia Village

Oia is the island’s most picturesque settlement filled with traditional houses, tavernas, cafes and shops that create a vivid amalgam of vibrant colours. Blooming bougainvilleas and quaint cobblestone paths will lead you to a number of iconic landmarks that are worth discovering during your stay. From a number of blue dome churches that are almost synonymous with the island of Santorini to the Venetian Castle, Oia is a place that fully represents all that the our cosmopolitan Cycladic island stands for.

Foinikia Village

The colors of the sea are also in harmony with the beaches, creating an elegant setting that brings the essence of life to the fore. Visitors will experience the raw truth of Santorini; man’s miraculous adaptation to the unique conditions of the environment, and a profound understanding of the need for perfection.

Venetian Castle of Oia

Strategically built on Oia’s most elevated position, the historic Venetian Castle stands proudly until this day, offering truly majestic views from it’s unique vantage point. Built in 1480, the castle counts many centuries of existence and visiting it will fill you with a sense of awe and admiration. Also known as the ‘Kasteli’ of Agios Nikolaos amongst the locals, it is something definitely worth experiencing, especially if you visit it during sunset.

Marine Museum

The Marine Museum allows you to immerse into the naval culture of the island, and discover a different side of Santorini. An authentic captain’s manor welcomes each visitor and takes them on a journey back in time, to the marine glory days when Santorini had a strong naval presence.


Santorini’s airport is situated at about 18 km from Oia, and is easily accessible by way of a wonderful route that will give you a taste of the more provincial side of the island.

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