Reasons to visit Santorini

Santorini island needs no introduction. Known far and wide for its enchanting ambiance, it is a perennially romantic destination, visited by many travelers who dote on its plentiful visuals of natural beauty and countless photogenic frames. It is an island full of colours, where the intensity of emotions is alternated by moments of absolute awe. Views to feast your eyes on. Local flavours brought to you with contemporary finesse. An elegance that arises from respecting the simplicity of true luxury. Without further adieu, we reveal our reasons to visit Santorini, the home of Santorini Secret Suites & Spa.

The vibrant colour palette of Santorini

The stark white of the clifftop settlements. The bright blue domes of the cubist churches that reflect the deep blue of the Aegean sea. The charcoal black of the dormant volcano that commands your attention. The crimson shades of the Caldera’s rock strata, as it rises from the sea all the way up to the precipice. These splendid elements are mirrored in Santorini’s colourful beaches, of red, white and black, creating a dazzling picture that manifests itself in such an empowering way and so effortlessly, it positively disarming. It is the crystal clear waters that grace its shores and the golden sunset that adorns the sun, leaving an impeccable masterpiece of a sky canvas before nightfall. It is the starlit sky that illuminates the night, while the moonlight places a celestial velvet veil that caresses every surface it bounces off.

The sublime views of Santorini island

All the above are the ingredients that the divine views of the island are made of. From Akrotiri, located on the southernmost tip of the island’s crescent shape, you get to see the Caldera stratas’, the settlements of Fira, Imerovigli and Oia, and the volcano from a diagonal vantage point. From Fira, you are in the front and centre, with the volcano directly opposite you. In Oia, found on the northern side of the island, you can get to experience the power of Santorini’s mesmerising sunset, first hand. Oia is the perfect spot to watch the sun become a true spectacle as it descends into the sea, leaving behind a natural painting of the sky as it does, that is never twice the same. You can make each evening your own personal sunset show by observing it from the moment it begins to set, through to sundown from the luxurious comfort of your private pool suite in Oia.

The local Santorinian touches in gastronomy

The Greek cuisine is known to be one of the most popular in the Mediterranean and beyond for its wholesome goodness. Greek gastronomy is globally accredited, has gained fervent supporters, has influenced many other cuisines and conquered many distinctions worldwide. Having this as a common denominator, it is very usual that each destination in Greece has its own unique traits, and gastronomy is no exception. Each place has its own local products that are often exported to the rest of Greece, inspiring new, delicious combinations. In Santorini, it is the white eggplant that is delicately sumptuous, the juicy, cherry tomatoes, the exemplary fava beans as well as the delectable wines including the dessert Vinsanto appellation. At Black Rock, our awarded restaurant in Santorini, you can taste how we have integrated these into our post modern Greek cuisine menu. Take traditional recipes, add some creativity, passion, technique and expertise and there you have it.