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Health & Safety Protocol

Health & Safety Protocol

In preparation for the return of travel, Secret Hotels, in compliance with all Hellenic Government Health Protocol, is committed to safeguarding the well-being of our Guests in order to ensure their Safe Stay. The well being of our guests is at the very heart of what we do and who we are. We look forward to welcoming you!

– You can rely and trust all our staff members, which are trained on practices of Hygiene Rules & Regulations to avoid transmitting the virus.

– To further ensure your safe stay, all our Staff Members and Guests undergo thermal screening every day.

– Upon your arrival in the Island of Santorini, our Driver, using protective gear, will greet you and help you with your luggage and properly air the vehicle during your trip towards the Hotel Premises.

– Upon arrival at the Hotel, our Groom, using protective gear, will assist you in carrying your luggage and sanitize them upon arrival to your room.

– Upon your arrival to Front Desk, sanitizer will be provided from our Front Desk staff for disinfection.

– Our Front Desk staff keep records of Guests and informs them of this matter due to GDPR compliance.

– All personnel use protective equipment as indicated by Health Protocol of the Hellenic Government.

– In order for the necessary cleaning procedure to be applied inside the rooms, check-in will take place at 15:00 pm and the check-out will take place until 11:00 am.

– In the reception areas, the information screens present repeatedly relevant information regarding Covid-19 procedures.

– Non-residents are not allowed in the premises to minimize the possibility of a virus spread inside the premises.

–  Masks , antiseptic wipes & sanitizer are provided in each room

– The Hotel implements improved housekeeping disinfection practices in accordance to the Hellenic Government instructions.

– Housekeeping service, change of lines and turn down service during the stay will be available only upon request.

– Used and clean laundry are separated accordingly and all sheets arrive to your room packaged and ready for use to ensure cleanliness.

– Hand sanitizers are available for use in each public area of the Hotel premises.

– All service, room service and kitchen staff use personal protection equipment at all times according to regulations of the Hellenic Government(masks, gloves, sanitation products)

– Our Kitchen is certified with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), an internationally recognized method of identifying and managing food safety related risk.

– Temperature control is carried out, cutlery will be changed immediately and strict distance and health measures will be observed by the staff and management.

– QR code for Menu, Wine List and Beverage List are provided for your convenience.

– Medical Kit (thermometer/masks/gloves/robe/sanitizer/ antiseptic wipes) will be available in case we need to deal with any Covid-19 case

– There will be a limit regarding entrance into the pools (5 sq.m per person), and appropriate distancing between the seats and the umbrellas is held to avoid spread of the virus.

– The cleaning frequency of swimming pools and Hot Tub is increased and appropriate disinfectants will be used.

– Our maintenance staff supervises the proper operation and maintenance of the air conditioners and its tools will be disinfected after each use.

– Our maintenance staff conducts water tests every 3 days to ensure its bacteria and legionella free.

– If you wish to dine in the privacy of your room, complimentary room service regarding breakfast, lunch as well as dinner will be available.

– Harmonia Spa will operate exclusively by booking and will be used solely from the guest taking a treatment. Suitable time between treatments for disinfection will be given.

– Santorini Island provides a Hotel near the premises in case of any suspected Covid-19 incidents occur.

– The Hospital is equipped with the necessary equipment and personnel in order to handle any Covid-19 cases.

– Secret Hotels has established a Technical Health Coordinator for Covid-19 related incidents.



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