We are open, it’s no Secret!

April is finally here, and like a warm veil it melts away the remnants of winter, resurging wonderful memories of the previous summer. And we are on a short count down ’til April 8th, to open our doors for yet another captivating season.

Our Cycladic jewel, Santorini, has never been so alluring. Freshly awoken from its wintry slumber, the warm Greek sun feeds life into its epic, natural landscape and its volcanic stratas, blossoming the flower beds in the small courtyards of residences, and caressing the bougainvilleas that are already bursting with magenta colour. Sun rays glow off the stark, clifftop settlement of Oia, that welcomes its first visitors with great reverence. The white washed buildings, the blue dome churches, the cobblestone streets all await to become the setting of yet another majestic experience, at a time that is the embodiment of revival.

At Santorini Secret we have been busy in preparing for yet another incredible season, full of  treasured moments of fun, relaxation and enjoyment; we are ready to satisfy your needs, answer to your desires, offer a world of island experiences and fulfill each and every dream.

What is our …Secret?
We cannot reveal it entirely, as it is something to see for yourselves. However, the core of our Secret lies in… our commitment is to offer unparalleled experiences that become etched in your mind; that you will be able to take with you wherever you go and to which you will mentally return, when thinking about the time of your life… Let us share a glimpse into our (not so) secret world, and see if you are tempted enough to uncover our true secret for yourselves…