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White Rock Restaurant

White Rock Restaurant

A sensational gastronomic experience

White Rock Restaurant will be the setting for a most sensational gastronomic experience in Santorini; based in Mediterranean cuisine with a modern approach, our dishes exude the freshness and frankness of quality ingredients.

Our menu is both comforting and exciting. The finest of ingredients are transformed into minimal recipes that showcase the best version of culinary simplicity. In saying that, there is nothing simple about our recipes as they have been curated from the genuine love for soul-satiating flavours that stir memories. The gourmet-comfort dishes of White Rock Restaurant are bound to make you feel warm inside.

Our famed fava makes an impressive duo dressed with Cycladic capers, while the cherry tomato has found its anhydrous terrain and bursts with flavour, fresh or as a paste, making everyone admire its versatility and deliciousness. The tantalising, intense aromas will stimulate your senses at breakfast, while during dinner hours the kaleidoscope of the sunset colours add a new level of magic to your dining experience.

The cocktails

Take a moment to indulge in the creative and inventive cocktails as you chill by the pool, admiring the natural canvas that unfolds across the Santorinian sky.

The Space

Set right by the pool, White Rock restaurant boasts a prime spot within our hotel. Prepare for endless views onto the horizon of the Aegean sea by day and immaculate sunset glory during the evenings.

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